Monthly Archives: September 2012

eBooks: Good, but not great

Given that it costs no more to produce one eBook than to produce one million I am a little disappointed that they are not cheaper. They do not have the printing, storage, handling and shipping costs of physical books so should be way cheaper, they very often are not. I would suggest it is because [...]

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40000 new books, for free

This afternoon I added over 40000 new books to my library, not bad for an hours work, and it didn’t cost me a cent. Project Gutenberg is an initiative that offers free e-books in a variety of formats. Luckily, the project also offer MARC records to download, which makes adding the books to Koha very [...]

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But it’s your data…

Whilst investigating the process for schools to extract data from their existing library systems in order to migrate to Koha I have been surprised at the attitude of most vendors. All vendors of the propriety systems I have dealt with so far either charge many hundreds of dollars to extract records or make it difficult [...]

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