40000 new books, for free

This afternoon I added over 40000 new books to my library, not bad for an hours work, and it didn’t cost me a cent.

Project Gutenberg is an initiative that offers free e-books in a variety of formats. Luckily, the project also offer MARC records to download, which makes adding the books to Koha very easy. By supplying the MARC records, I can have the records entered and searchable in no time.

The MARC records require a couple of fields to be added, achieved easily with MarcEdit, and then Koha can add items to the records. The results in the OPAC provide a link to the Project Gutenberg website where the ebooks can be downloaded in a a variety of formats or viewed online.

OK, they are not the latest bestsellers but there are some gems among them and many hard to find books too. I had always wanted to read about the Eureka Stockade, now’s my chance.

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